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Interview with WINPROVIT's Dispatching team

They are often the first point of contact for our clients and they always try to be one step ahead.

They help ensure the efficiency of our service, anticipate difficulties, and turn distance into proximity.

It's time to meet the 'masters' (and their faces) of WINPROVIT’s Dispatching team!


1. What are the Dispatching team's main tasks?
• Receiving, analysing and assigning support tickets to the teams;
• Operational management of the field support technicians to ensure that response times are met with the desired quality.

2. What strategies have been adopted to ensure the operational efficiency of the service provided?
• Anticipating the problem is the best strategy. We try to keep the customer well informed and, whenever possible, anticipate their expectations.

3. What are the main logistical challenges when dealing with many interventions simultaneously?
• The critical situations that arise during the day, overlapping with the plans that were initially drawn up. Sometimes the unexpected happens with the available resources, whether human or material.

4. What measures are in place to ensure efficient communication between the Dispatching team and the other technical teams?
• Managers closely monitor the team to ensure assertiveness in interactions with clients and colleagues; 
• Clear communication through the internal ticketing platform, according to the procedures in place.

5. What technologies or tools are used to track the services?
• Internal and client ticketing platforms;
• Fleet management and tracking software, via GPS.

6. What evaluation processes are used to improve the team's operation?
• Continuous analysis of response times, service levels and customer feedback;
• Customer satisfaction surveys;
• Customer feedback collected by technicians in the field. This measure allows us not only to identify client’s needs but also to anticipate them and thus exceed their expectations.

The team

7. Who are the members of the team?
• Leonardo Machado
• João Castro
• Alberto Fernandes
• Carlos Vale
• Nicolas Cimbolini
• Ricardo M. Dias
• Paulo Cataluna
• Filipe Fernandes
• Yevgeniy Skyba

8. What hidden talents can we find among the members of the Dispatching team?
• Leonardo Machado: Table tennis master
• João Castro: The Sushiman
• Alberto Fernandes: Hiking champion
• Carlos Vale: Technology master
• Nicolas Cimbolini: Antiques enthusiast
• Ricardo M. Dias: Fierce Benfica fan
• Paulo Cataluna: Aquarium hobbyist enthusiast
• Filipe Fernandes: Cycling fan
• Yevgeniy Skyba: Know-how in property construction and renovation

9. In two words, how would you describe the WINPROVIT´s Dispatching team?
• Focus and trust.

  • 29 January 2024

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